This is your entrance to the Black Tech Pipeline.

We are a “breaking into tech” community-based organization focused on the Black community of Dallas-Ft Worth who may come from non-traditional backgrounds but are driven, are capable and available to take the necessary steps to become hirable for entry level technical roles. We focus on local talent, an on the ground effort that lays out valid pathways and resources to make someone hirable for an entry level technical role.

Our Services

In our counseling process we host monthly, in-person information sharing events with speakers who will guide attendees through different aspects of becoming a potential hire. We focus on topics such as soft skills development and personal branding, LinkedIn profile development, interviewing and resume resources. On top of these discussions will be guidance on technical pathways for the skills required in:

Low Code / No-Code Applications

• Custom business applications
• Line-of-business applications
• Purpose-built solutions
• Streamline data and processes
• API connectors

Data Analysis

• Business analytics reports
• Dashboard design and visualizations
• Data warehouses
• Database administration
• AI/ML concepts


• Security information and event management
• Threat intelligence and response
• Security orchestration and automation
• Cryptography concepts
• Server and network security

Project Management

• Deployment Pipelines
• Infrastructure as code
• AWS/Azure/GCP
• Virtual network design
• DevOps Project Management

About Us

We believe that in order to attract good people we need to meet them where they are, the status quo of networking through meetup groups, sharing information on LinkedIn and collaborating with professional organizations is not reaching those who are interested and capable but sit outside of the corporate echo chamber.

To attract non-traditional talent we’ll need to use non-traditional practices. This means using social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Twitter, local media platforms such as Dallas Weekly Magazine, and collaboration with local radio for greater reach.



Thank you for hosting this great event as it is not easy to obtain the correct resources to get into tech.

Event Attendee

It was a wonderful expo. Thank you for putting this together.

Event Attendee

Each one teach one!

Event Attendee

“Casey helped me prepare for the job hunt and found me the perfect position in a matter of weeks! Professional and communicative every step of the way!”

Event Attendee


Volunteering Opportunities

We are seeking volunteers for the following areas. If you are interested in mentoring, facilitating or speaking at one of our events please let us know by submitting your email address below.



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• Equity & Belonging: We created a community of all skill and experience levels. We invite members to seek support from each other with mentorship, study groups, and career networking.

• Measurable Impact: Our progress as an organization will be tracked by the growth of our community, the number of members who become certified, and successful job placements in technical roles.

• Outcome-Oriented: We provide more than networking opportunities, our objectives in total, are focused on reducing the racial wealth gap through higher paying technical roles.

• Force Multiplier: Working with partner and sponsor organizations, we will bridge gaps in access to information and resources for underrepresented groups and communities.

•Transparency : Our organization allows for open and direct communication between members and organizations.


2101 Cedar Springs Rd Suite 1050

Dallas, TX 75201

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Founded in 2022 by Casey Morris and Tristian Carpenter in Dallas, TX.