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By becoming a member of our community-based organization, you’re not just investing in your own professional growth; you’re also becoming a key provider of essential services aimed at elevating local talent within the Black community. We are committed to creating viable pathways and resources that ensure community members from all walks of life are prepared and hirable for entry-level technical roles. Your membership dues directly contribute to these on-the-ground efforts, enabling us to focus on those who may come from non-traditional backgrounds but are equally driven and capable. In joining us, you play a crucial role in fostering technical skills and making a lasting impact on our community.

Our Services

In today’s digital age, technology is not just a skill but a necessity. By mastering these topics, you’re not only enhancing your personal skillset but also equipping yourself with the knowledge and tools to become an invaluable asset in any tech-driven workspace. In our training process, we host monthly events with a certified trainer who will guide attendees through different aspects of technical training.  On top of these discussions will be guidance on technical pathways for the skills required in:

Networking Fundamentals

  • Learn computer networking basics to build cybersecurity skills.
  • Examine network components, design, implementation, security, and administration.
  • Gain core IT and networking knowledge.

Software Security

  • Secure software from the inside out.
  • Dive into application and OS vulnerabilities.
  • Develop strategies to protect various types of software.

Cybersecurity Foundations

  • Apply what you’ve learned through real-world cyber defense and attack scenarios.
  • Use cyber techniques to solve hands-on lab challenges in a controlled environment.

Cyber Defense Tactics

  • Master cyber defense by understanding common attacks.
  • Learn hacker techniques for corporate and industrial networks.
  • Defend systems through risk assessment, mitigation, and security best practices.

The instructor was great. Very knowledgeable and helpful. If i fell behind he took the time to stop and show me where i may have gone wrong.

Zoe Dupont

Instructor is extremely knowledgeable and makes the learning environment pleasant.

Constantine Mavridis

The instructor was polite and helpful. He made learning the material easy and fun!

Kara Wheatley

Looking forward to using this tool for my work

D’Andrala Alexander


Volunteering Opportunities

We are seeking volunteers for the following areas. If you are interested in mentoring, facilitating or speaking at one of our events please let us know by submitting your email address below.